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We create interactive multimedia books for mature readers with mature writers artists and composers who draw on lifetimes of work and experience to tell their stories and share their knowledge.

ABOUT TOWN Light 2.0! Terry presented her new interactive multimedia book series at the Pasadena Central Library in October. Terry debuted Light 2.0 in a presentation sponsored by Adobe on June 19th. And another presentation to the students of Fremont College inn September. Thank you to all who came out for fun and successful evenings! Click here to go to information page about the Adobe Future of the Book Event.

MORE NEWS Light 2.0! Facebook page now devoted to the creation of Light 2.0 as an iBook. Visit the page for news and updates about the trials and excitement of writing and publishing literature on the bleeding edge! Click here to go to Light 2.0 Facebook Page:

Our first book is Light 2.0 - the interactive multimedia enhancement of Terry Bailey's hit podcast novel, Light 1.0. Light 2.0 adds more animations, music, art - all created by Terry - it will include many chapters never published in the podcast. We are excited to announce that it will begin publication as an iBook in the Apple iBook Store soon - June 2014. Now also in production is a series of music education interactive multimedia books (more about them soon!)

Mediabench Interactive

Interactive Designer, Developer, Artist, Writer, Musician, Publisher, Innovator Terry Bailey, founder of Mediabench, a digital native, is a pioneer in interactive media. Terry has produced digital interactive media for entertainment companies, corporations, science and academic institutions for more than 20 years. Mediabench has provided interactive media design / development, digital branding / marketing / content strategy to corporate, science, entertainment and academic clients including The National Science Foundation, Iwerks Entertainment, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, Disney Imagineering and The Creative Artists Agency.

Mediabench Person of Distinction - Nov.

Arnold Abbot Feeds Homeless

Arnold Abbot - 90 year old Florida man who has now been arrested twice for feeding the homeless on beaches in Florida. This is something he has done for 20 years, and he has a culinary school for training homeless and then finding them jobs locally. But Ft. Lauderdale, Florida has now passed a law making feeding homeless outside illegal. The Mayor insists that he will enforce this law. UPDATE: a Florida court has issued a 30-day stay on this law! the city will have to prove that is is illegal to feed the homeless, I guess. And Arnold Abbot is reprieved at least for now. UPDATE 12-24-14: While mediation is pending, the city now is allowing Arnold to feed the homeless for Christmas and New years, but insists their ban will be back in place come February. Meanwhile, according to, "Ft. Lauderdale has earned a national reputation for its treatment of homeless people this year. In the span of eight months, the city has passed new ordinances making it illegal for homeless people to sleep in public and prohibiting homeless people from having possessions in public on top of the recent crackdown on volunteers handing out food. The city also arrested a homeless man for speaking out during a meeting where the City Commission honored National Homeless Week"... .

Music! - Currently we're creating music for Light 2.0 - the next version of my podcast novel, Light 1.0 - an interactive iBook. It will be available by summer 2014.

In the meantime here is some music for your enjoyment: a clip from my Tea Gypsy CD of Manha de Carnaval. Ric Ickard joins me on guitar.

A mash-up clip (shh!) of me singing with Chet Atkins and Les Paul: Moonglow.

Writing! - Coming in late 2014 or early 2015 - Light 2.0 in iBook format

NEWS ! Light 2.0 has a Facebook page now - devoted to the creation process. Visit the page for news and updates about the trials and excitement of writing and publishing literature on the bleeding edge! Click here to go to Light 2.0 Facebook Page:

And click image below to read the story of my hit iTunes podcast multimedia novel - past, present, future! - you'll find a link to the original, Light 1.0, on iTunes.

Art! - Ice Tea, 2004, Giclée print on watercolor paper, 30.5in. by 39 in.) I've been painting, designing and animating in the computer for 25 years. Currently, I'm redesigning my website; here I plan to share examples of all that art, along with stories about the thrills and horrors of working on the bleeding edge of art and literature. more about this painting . . . .

Now! - Amy Beach and Me - a biography and memoir about one of the first women composers in U.S. - and me. Click the image to find my prototype online. The book will begin publication in the iBook Store and elsewhere soon.

Learn! - I'll be teaching non-photographers how to take great pictures with their cell phones at OfficeSlice on July 30 for a LunchNLearn there; also a 2 day workshop on the Digital Branding there, August 10 and 17 (2 Saturday mornings). Although I'm not teaching fulltime right now (formerly taught at Disney Imagineering and the Art Institute) I continue to be available for lectures and seminars about interactive new media, media technology, writing for interactive multimedia, digital publishing, new media design and development, learning to be creative (yes, it can be taught and learned!), digital branding, interface design, creating and innovating on the bleeding edge - among other topics. Click on this link for details

Riffing on Books Blog. Current Post: "Galileo and the Coal Companies" - We non-climate-change-deniers have much in common with Galileo. is Terry's Arts and Sciences literary blog, where she riffs about books and related life and world events. Topics are primarily the Arts and Sciences: creativity, neuroscience, physics, space, the links between science and the arts, digital art, interactive art, digital publishing but Terry occasionally traverses outside topics of interest and her reading travels, too.

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