Happy Birthday to those born in June!

Lilies of the Valley Birthday painting by Terry Bailey

This is a little painting I made of the flower of the month for June - it is a rose.
The vase is a variation of a vase I made for my Ice Tea painting.

Imanisevolving Williams, June 1
Davia Mason, June 1
Louise Dobbs, June 3
Lucy Bush, June 4
Brandon Vernon, June 11
Devin Galaudet , June 13
Amber Morgan Wong, June 13
Tim Lincecum, June 15, my favorite baseball player and Giant!!!!
Moi, June 15
Neva June Gribble June 15, 1888-1984
Erroll Garner, June 15, 1921-1977
Berniece Gera, June 15, 1931-1992. BIO
Jim Higby, June 17
Jake Ash Strife, June 21
Johnnie Walker, June 21
Nathan Roca, June 23
Robert Reich, June 24

Summertime - sung by Terry Bailey, guitars Terry Bailey and Ric Ickard, bass Lee Goldhammer

I remembered having posted this video about 10 years ago. When I looked it up,
I discovered it was pre HD and needs to be updated to a new video format to display
properly. Will put that on my things to do list before the month is out! - Terry

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