Happy Birthday to those born in March!

Violets Birthday painting by Terry Bailey

Daffodil - copyright Terry Bailey 2005 all rights reserved

Consuelo Flores, March 1
Steve Linsky, March 4
David Borger, March 10
Carl Gage, March 11
Jessica Joy Reveles, March 16
Piper Selden, March 17
Ryan Goldhammer, March 19
Ann Howitt, March 20
Launice Robinson Walker, March 21
Chris Harrott, March 26,
Roberta Conroy, March 26
Rich Lewis, March 30

This is a little painting I made of your flower of the month - it is daffodils.
The vase is a variation of a vase I made for my Digital Olympia painting.
Yes, we artists have "borrowed" from ourselves from the earliest days
of painting and print-making. Print artist Durer used to borrow feet drawings
from himself - my guess as to his reason is that feet
are not all that fun, or easy, to draw! - Terry

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