Happy Birthday to those born in February!

Violets Birthday painting by Terry Bailey

Violets - copyright Terry Bailey 2005 all rights reserved

Cathy Bailey, February 3
Paul Bandhauer, February 4
Buzz Menzies, February 7
Judith Moore, February 7
Barry Kohan, February 11
Abraham Lincoln, February 12
Bernadette Murphy, February 12
Telaina Eriksen, February 20
George Washington, February 22
Dean Donin, February 22
Jenny Factor, February 25

This is a little painting I made of the flower of the month for February - it is Violets.
The vase is a variation of a vase I made for my Ice Tea, Tea Series, painting.
(Click on the painting title to see it.) Yes, we artists have "borrowed" from ourselves from the earliest days
of painting and print-making. My niece, Teresa (Tess) is the model for
this painting - Terry

And here is one of my favorite Billie Holiday songs, speaking of violets!

Violets for My Furs

You bought me violets for my furs
And it was spring for a while, remember?
You bought me violets for my furs
And there was April in that December
The snow drifted on the flowers and melted where it lay
The snow looked like dew on the blossoms
As on a summer day

You bought me violets for my furs
And there was blue in the wintry sky
You pinned the violets to my furs
And gave a lift to the crowds passing by
You smiled at me so sweetly
Since then one thought occurs
That we fell in love completely
The day you bought me violets for my furs.

But, wait! There is more!

I found John Coltrane playing a wonderful arrangement of his own of this special February song.

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