Happy Birthday to those born in May!

Lilies of the Valley Birthday painting by Terry Bailey

LaToya Jordan May 1
Allie Light, May 2
James Bekis, May 2
Howard Brainen, May 2
Neva June Gribble May 4
Georgianna May Bergeron May 4
Rose DiMatteo, May 5
Glenda Bergen Lubas DeJong, May 8
Joylene Wagner, May 13
Norma Jimenez, May 14
Brittany Michelson, May 16
Monica Theresa Villamarin, May 23
Joel Bloom May 26
Nano Haykanush Hovsepyan May 26
Moe Pop May 26
Kate Maruyama May 27
Rain Cumiskey May 27
John F. Kennedy, May 29
Jackie Morris, May 30

Above this is a little painting I made of your flower of the month - it is Lilies of the Valley.
The vase is a variation of a vase I made for my Tea of Privilege painting.

The Lusty Month of May from Camelot

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