Happy Birthday to those born in July!

Lilies of the Valley Birthday painting by Terry Bailey

Kay Conroy, July 6
Carol Schryver, July 6
Leah Alcoy, July 7
Irving Saraf, July 7
Henry David Thoreau, July 12
Malia Amdhauer, July 23
Sharman Russell, July 23
Gary Lynch, July 23
Margo Chan Taylor, July 24
Susijo Hazlett Jul 25
Emmett Till, July 25, 1941- August 28, 1955
Penny Kroll, July 27
Daniel Michael Whelan Jr., July 28

This is a little painting I made of the flower of the month for July - it is a Delphinium.
Also known as Larkspur. That fact was new to me; I did not know that Llarkspur was a flower,
had just known of it as a town somewhere in northern California that I heard of when I grew
up in San Francisco. The vase is a variation of a vase I made for my Ice Tea painting.

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