About Terry Bailey and Mediabench

Interactive Artist, Writer, Publisher and Innovator, Terry Bailey, is a pioneer in interactive media and the WEB and the founder of mediabench. Terry has taught interactive media and the WEB at UCLA Extension, Cal State Northridge, Disney Imagineering, Apple and at the Art Institute, where she also developed and directed an Interactive and Web Department between 2009 and 2013.

Terry writes and publishes new media interactive books, podcasts and web-based essays, and is establishing mediabench as a digital publishing company for her own books as well as ebooks and enhanced books from a selected group of artists and scientists. Terry's novel, Light 1.0, was a hit on iTunes from the first date of its publication in 2005; she is now rewriting the book as an interactive enhanced iBook, Light 2.0 , which will begin publication in the iBook Store of Apple in June 2014. Terry's literary blog, riffingonbooks.com, primarily addresses subjects of Art, Creativity and the Sciences.

Mediabench consults and designs / develops websites. The preferred client base are artists, musicians, composers, other small to mid-sized entertainment companies and scientists. Mediabench also provides communication and branding services including branding and digital identity, presentation design, graphics and ebook publishing services.

Terry is an internationally exhibited digital artist and musician with a background in film, music, all-things-design and project and studio management.

Mediabench will evolve in 2013 to be the home of Mediabench Publishing. At that time, Terry will move her art and author site to within the mediabench Publishing web site. Currently she is rebuilding this site to be html5 and "fluid" (done!) and "responsive" on different media players (soon!) and to contain new work as well as the past. Check back for updates!

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