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About Terry Bailey and Mediabench

Interactive Artist, Author, Musician, Publisher and Innovator, Terry Bailey, is a pioneer in interactive media and the WEB, and the founder of mediabench. Her first interactive multimedia projects were sponsored by the National Science Foundation, before Terry moved on to produce interactive projects and, later interactive web sites, for numerous corporations, entertainment companies and even a corporate law firm in Washington, DC.

Currently Terry is in her studio devoting most of her time to writing a cnf book about women and technology, as well as creating new monoprint art from digital paintings and producing a new guitar-emphasizing CD – so the stay-inside necessity is not changing her life schedule as much as others.

Terry has taught interactive media and the WEB at Disney Imagineering, UCLA Extension, Cal State Northridge, Apple and at the Art Institute, where she also developed and directed an Interactive and Web Department between 2008 and 2013. Today she teaches part-time in the web development department at Glendale Community College, and conducts workshops in UX, Interface Design, Color Theory, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing and other related topics at Glendale College in a special Saturday series for web developers, engineers and entrepreneurs, sponsored by the college and IEEE.

Terry has written and published new media interactive books, podcasts and web-based essays. Terry's novel, Light 1.0, was a hit on iTunes from the first date of its publication in 2005; she is now rewriting the book as an interactive enhanced iBook, Light 2.0. Terry's literary blog, riffingonbooks.com, primarily addresses subjects of Art, Creativity and the Sciences.

Terry is an internationally exhibited digital artist and musician with a background in film, music, all-things-design and project and studio management.

Mediabench now provides presentations, communication and branding services including branding and digital identity, digital message making, digital presentation design, graphics and ebook publishing services – to advocacy groups, political candidates –– and musicians.


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