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Below is an html5 animation of some interface images from a project I oversaw for a litigation case for Texaco, and a risk-taking attorney I admired, Rick Wallace. Rick let me try crazy ideas because he was courageous - and they worked! For this case I designed Texaco's first 3D logomark (ask me about the controversy that erupted at first!) and what I called The Mother Cube as the navigational hub for this interactive program. Why does navigation have to be words across the top of a browser? it does not! I will always encourage people to expand on what any interactive element is - let's not get stuck in boring trends! (the cool idea for circuit board based background came from my awesome art director, Joseph Norton.) Note: I just saw that this animation is no longer working in Safari browser - check it out in Firefox or some other until I have time to fix it please - sorry!


Coming soon! Details of the WEB, Interactive, Digital Marketing and Digital Services we provide. We are a digital native company, creating interactive multimedia since 1990.

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