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New Multimedia Short Story: Sunday at Buster's Reading Baldwin" -- My new writing plan is moving along nicely! My iBook new media novel series, Light 2.0, will take at least another year before all is ready for publication (picture me making a feature length movie by myself is the best analogy I can come up with to compare the task of creating and publishing my 7 book series). So, I determined to start performing and publishing shorter form multimedia stories in the meantime.

Last week I sent one of my new multimedia short stories to a magazine for publication, and now I have been booked to perform a one-woman show of my multimedia novels and stories in October in Pasadena!! There is so much work to prepare this. I have to write the show, hire musicians, create the multimedia for projection, and practice, practice, practice.

I will be finding opportunities to perform parts of the show in the meantime, too, in order to have it be the best prepared. Once I premiere the show, I will be able to take it on the road to other venues.

The first half of the show will include my Sunday At Buster's Reading Baldwin story and music, and a poem I wrote to a bossa nova (and have performed only twice before - with some hip hop artists, and at Coffee Gallery Backstage). And the second half of the show will be a performance of selected chapters and music from Light 2.0. The entire show will also include multimedia projection. Details will follow in time.

My Review of Merlin Snider's New CD in Folk Works Magazine

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Terry's Prepares to Debut Light 2.0 at an Opera Guild Meeting in Berkeley

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Drawing on an extensive career in new media, digital art, music and writing. (Not children's books!) I'm forging a new path in fiction (novels and short stories), creative nonfiction and poetry - employing not just text but animations, graphics, illustrations, original music and various forms of user interactivity and performance.

Terry's Latest Digital Painting News

Two of my digital paintings, September and February, from my new Landscape Series , are published in the Winter, 2nd Edition, of the Drowning Gull Literary Magazine! I am also very happy because I recommended my best artist friend, Joe Norton, to them, and they published one of his digital paintings also. In this issue the essays, stories and art are all on the subject of Nature.

Here are some links:

Link to my art

Link to the front page of magazine’s new Issue #2: Encounters with Nature (which will get you to all the essays and other art, including Joe’s) :


Learn! - Terry conducts seminars and speaks to local colleges, businesses, government agencies and organizations on all things digital media and technology.

Although not teaching fulltime currently (formerly taught at Disney Imagineering, UCLA Extension, CSUN, California Design College and the Art Institute), Terry is teaching digital video editing for a private vocational school tasked with keeping editors current and bringing new media skills to other professionals (like journalists). She also continues to conduct speaking engagements and seminars about interactive multimedia, media technology, creativity, interactive multimedia writing, new media journalism, digital publishing, digital art and sound, digital marketing / branding, user-centered design, cybersecurity, coding for kids, Women in Technology, and innovating on the bleeding edge. Click on this link for details

Mediabench Interactive

Interactive Digital Media: Design, Development / Programming, Art, Graphics, Information Design, Writing, Music, Video, UX, Technology / IT, Publishing.

New Media Innovator Terry Bailey, founder of Mediabench, a digital native, is a pioneer in interactive media. Terry has managed, produced and taught digital interactive media for entertainment corporations, corporate law firms, and science and academic institutions for more than 20 years.

Bailey has provided Interactive / WEB / Mobile media Design / Development, Digital Branding / Marketing, Content Strategy, Production Management, and Media Technology oversight to corporate, science, entertainment and academic clients including The National Science Foundation, Iwerks Entertainment, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, Disney Imagineering and The Creative Artists Agency.

Currently Terry is producing a series of multimedia iBooks based on her hit podcast novel, Light 1.0. She's also giving presentations at Glendale College on interactive multimedia, the history of interactive multimedia, and a special seminar of textures and texture mapping for architecture students and teaching digital video to laid off technology workers. Terry also consults on technology and cybersecurity \ initiatives with the cities of Glendale and Burbank and helped develop a K-12 school curriculum education initiative in coding / programming. She also serves on the digital technology boards of Pasadena City College, and Fremont College, and consults on interactive media.

Mediabench Person of Distinction

Cilem Dogan - "Dear past, thanks for all the lessons. Dear future, I am ready."

Music! - Currently I'm creating music for Light 2.0 - the next version of my podcast novel, Light 1.0 - an interactive multimedia iBook.

In the meantime here is some music for your enjoyment: a clip from my Tea Gypsy CD of Manha de Carnaval. Ric Ickard joins me on guitar.

A mash-up clip (shh!) of me singing with Chet Atkins and Les Paul: Moonglow.

New! Women Play Guitar

Terry has launched a new website and club for and about women guitar players!

Writing! - Coming soon - Light 2.0 in iBook format

NEWS ! Light 2.0 has a Facebook page now - devoted to the creation process. Visit the page for news and updates about the trials and excitement of writing and publishing literature on the bleeding edge! Click here to go to Light 2.0 Facebook Page: I continue to write episodes and music for my Light 2.0 novel (a series of multimedia books), the first episodes of which have been "hits' on Apple's iTunes in the form of podcasts since 2006! I am also spending considerable time with the publishing, rights, etc. business and legal work involved in such a big project.

Light 1.0 was still getting 6,000 downloads per month this summer when I last checked; I know I really need to go into it and see if I should update the code or something since I have done nothing to update it for several years, but I am so busy with its evolution right now! But, you can still subscribe to it with iTunes or any RSS feeder. Light 1.0 by Terry Bailey.

PERFORMANCES ABOUT TOWN Light 2.0 Recently I performed some of the music from Light 2.0 at the Fireside Concert Series in Newbury Park, CA, with guitarist Jeff Linsky. Before that, I read and performed excerpts for an Opera Guild's Works-In-Progress evening in Berkeley. In addition to the excitement of performing my own music was the fun of hearing the work of other composers, particularly a viola player and composer who manages the beautiful Julia Morgan House where the performance took place. If you would like more regular news about the progress of Light 2.0 follow my Facebook blog about it at Light 2.0 Facebook Blog.

I've also presented excerpts of Light 2.0 (work-in-progress) at the Pasadena Central Library, in a presentation sponsored by Adobe and to the students of Fremont College. Thank you to all who came out for fun and successful evenings! These performances are critical to the "beta-testing" development of the new literature medium and genre.

Art! - Ice Tea, Giclée print on watercolor paper, 30.5" by 39" more about this painting . . . .
San Francisco native, Terry Bailey completed a BA degree in Film at San Francisco State University, and later studied fine art, design, theater, computer science and multimedia at several colleges before earning an MFA in Interactive Writing / Creative Nonfiction at Antioch University. A pioneer in the fields of interactive multimedia, digital painting and interactive book authoring, Terry has provided creative vision and inspired innovation with cutting edge media, arts, literary and design technologies in a wide range of academic, scientific, creative and corporate settings. Her digital paintings have been shown and reviewed in numerous juried exhibits including the Center for Contemporary Art in Sacramento, Siggraph, The Disney Gallery at Marlboro School, Poway Center for the Performing Arts, the Brand Library Gallery in Glendale and Long Beach Arts. Her digital portrait and landscape paintings demonstrate her deep roots in oil painting, drawing, art history and film. The content of her paintings is often reminiscent of a film tableau, and Terry likens them to painted one-frame movie scenes. Says Bailey regarding her work as a digital artist, “My brain does not know the difference between my holding a sable paint-laden brush or a computer stylus; in either case I am painting a picture, telling a story. But, for me, my visual vocabulary is greater working digitally because there are more options.” Terry is currently painting a series of landscapes based on the calendar months.

Now! - Amy Beach and Me - a biography and memoir about one of the first women composers in U.S. - and me. Click the image to find my prototype online. Terry hopes to get back to this interactive multimedia book (begun as her MFA thesis) after publishing her Light 2.0

Mediabench Citizen Activism Resources, especially for Pasadena Area

Those who love peace myst learn to organize as effectively as those who love war - Martin Luther King, Jr.

• Senator Diane Feinstein: email: ; So Cal Phone: (310) 914-7300 and Fax: (310) 914-7318
• Senator Kamala Harris: email: ; So Cal Phone: (213) 894 - 5000 Fax (202) 224 - 0357
• Congresswoman Judy Chu email: ; So Cal Phone: (626) 304 0110 Fax: (626) 304 0132
• Congressman Adam Schiff email: ; So Cal Phone: (818) 450-2900 and (323) 315-5555 Fax: (818) 450-2928

• State Senator Anthony Portatino: email: ; So Cal Phone:(818) 409-0400 Fax: (818) 409-1256 • State Assemblywoman Chris Holden, District 41: email: ; So Cal Phone: (626) 351-1917 and Fax: (626) 351-6176 • State Assemblywoman Laura Friendman, District 43: email: ; So Cal Phone: (818) 558-3043 Fax: (818) 558-3042

• Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255
• Veterans Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255
• Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233
• Child Trafficking Hotline: 888-373-7888

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